AGH University of Science and Technology

AGH University of Science and Technology, one of Poland’s most reputable universities, established in 1913, and opened in 1919, has been educating engineers for over a century. It conducts a research at a world-class level in various fields of science, fostering the development of innovations and solutions currently applied in many branches of industry.

AGH UST takes active part in building a society based on knowledge while taking advantage of technologies for the purpose of economic growth and development.

The University develops collaboration with colleges and universities in Poland, Europe, and all over the world. The university’s priority is the accomplishment of tasks and projects that are part of the knowledge triangle: education – scientific research – innovations.

The AGH University of Science and Technology is a technical university where exact sciences are strongly represented, and where they constitute basis for the development of a wide spectrum of applied sciences at a gradually increasing role of social sciences and humanities. In line with global trends, we create new branches of study, but at the same time we keep the conventional ones, which are indispensable for a proper development of science, technology, and the economy of our country.

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