Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing, China

Nanjing Tech University

Nanjing Tech University has a history of more than one hundred years as a cradle of education. It is one of the first batch of 14 universities of the Higher Education Innovative Capacity Promotion Plan (“2011 Plan” for short). It is a key institution of higher learning in Jiangsu Province, which is piloting comprehensive reforms and strategy for developing a strong faculty of talents. Nanjing Tech University is among of the first group of institutions of higher learning approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education for the training of “Excellent Engineers” and the comprehensive reform of graduate education for professional degrees.

Nanjing Tech University always considers teaching as its central goal, endeavoring to live on quality, develop with distinctive features and foster and optimize the system of talent cultivation. It boasts two National Level Teaching Groups, one National Demonstration Center of Experimental Teaching, one National Best Textbook, twelve National Development Bases for Distinctive Programs, two Piloting Bases for Comprehensive Reforms in Professional Programs of the Ministry of Education, seven Piloting Bases for the Training of “Excellent Engineers” of the Ministry of Education. In addition, it has three National Best Courses, two National Model Courses of Bilingual Teaching, eight Jiangsu Provincial Brand Programs, ten Jiangsu Provincial Distinctive Programs, twelve Jiangsu Provincial Key Major Categories (including 30 majors), three Piloting Majors (software) of Jiangsu Provincial Training Plan for “Excellent Engineers”, thirteen Jiangsu Provincial Demonstration Centers of Experimental Teaching, one National Top 100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation and five nominations. In 2006, Nanjing Tech University scored A in the Undergraduate Education Assessment by Ministry of Education and passed the evaluation of MOE Undergraduate Education Assessment in 2016. Nanjing Tech University was authorized by the MOE to establish the “China-US Exchange Center for Young Makers” in 2017.

Nanjing Tech University takes pride in its enormous research strength for it boasts five national scientific research platforms which are National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology, National Center for International Research of Flexible Electronics, National Research & Development Center for Heat Pipe Technology, State Key Laboratory of Materials- Oriented Chemical Engineering and National Engineering Research Center for Special Membrane Separation Technology, 24 research centers and 24 key laboratories of provincial and ministerial level. Since the “12th Five-Year Plan”, Nanjing Tech University has won 205 awards at various levels among which there are six Second Prize of National Technological Invention Awards and three Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

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