Università degli Studi di Milano

Milano, Italy

Università degli Studi di Milano

Founded in 1924, the University of Milan is one of the youngest leading Italian universities. It was born of a group of two-century old institutions that add to its academic prestige with their tradition of high-level studies in the fields of medicine, science and the humanities.

A teaching and research university, it offers a wide range of programmes across many subject areas. Its interdisciplinary vocation, with mutual methodological and cultural links between different ever-developing fields of knowledge, creates a stimulating study and work environment.

With its eight faculties, it offers 141 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, as well as 34 PhD and 65 postgraduate programmes. Each year, many masters and advanced courses meet the needs for further professional development and lifelong learning.

The University of Milan qualifies as one of the Italian academic institutions most committed to basic and applied research. Our researchers play a leading role in numerous national and international research programmes, as confirmed by about 450 international scientific and academic collaboration agreements. Research is conducted by 31 departments, 62 coordinated research centres and 36 inter-university centres.

We actively participate in EU framework programmes, and have in recent years been very successful, particularly in the fields of life sciences, food quality and safety, nanotechnologies and environmental sciences.

The University of Milan features among the top Italian academic institutions in terms of scientific research in the most prestigious international rankings, and is the only Italian member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). It is part of 4EU+, the alliance with the universities of Paris Sorbonne, Heidelberg, Warsaw, Prague and Copenhagen, which aims at setting a European standard for teaching, research and governance.

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