Open Access allows authors to publish in respected high-quality traditional journals while also complying with new open access policies. IEEE makes the transition clear for authors by providing three options:

  • Hybrid Journals
  • Fully Open Access Topical Journals
  • Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal (IEEE Access)

Supported by author publication fees, all of our open access journals will utilize the same high standard of peer review for all content submitted.  In addition, IEEE’s open access multidisciplinary journal (IEEE Access) and fully open access topical journals will draw on technical communities for peer reviewers, to apply the same care as for any new IEEE journal and ensure the best possible papers are being published. 

Additionally, publishing within the IEEE Open Access program allows for:

  • Multimedia integration (video abstracts, etc.);
  • Each published article is accompanied by usage and citation data;
  • The advantage of being published by IEEE, whose journals are trusted, respected, and rank among the most highly cited;
  • Vast global reach to millions who search IEEE Xplore, attend conferences, and conduct research in all technology sectors;
  • All published articles will be maintained in the IEEE archive with free access to all.