Author Benefits

Findability. Credibility. Flexibility.

Authors publish with IEEE for the heightened visibility, research activity, and industry credibility. IEEE continues to be the most cited publisher in U.S. and European new technology patents.

Authors will find that publishing with IEEE ensures professional development and exposure of their works.

Optimized visibility

Researchers rely on IEEE for trusted information. Over twelve million downloads from over five million unique users each month is strong evidence that the IEEE Xplore® digital library provides authors with the “findability” they seek.

IEEE maintains active partnerships with abstracting and indexing providers such as Elsevier, Clarivate Analytics, ProQuest, IET, and NLM to maximize the discovery of author works.

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IEEE reputation

Each author enjoys the advantage of becoming part of IEEE’s stellar reputation and 125-year history of innovation. Past and present members include nearly two dozen Nobel Prize-winning innovators.

Today, IEEE has over 420,000 professional and student members who will shape technology for years to come.

Trusted content

Consistent quality and high demand make IEEE publications trusted sources for researchers in corporations, academia, and government.

IEEE is recognized as a global leader in electrical engineering and related fields, publishing 27 of the top 30 journals in electrical and electronic engineering based on journal impact factor.

In addition, IEEE journals and conference proceedings receive over nearly three times the patent citations of competing publishers, which gives IEEE authors a distinct mark of credibility within their field of interest.

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Opportunities to publish

IEEE’s comprehensive selection of over 200 journals, transactions, magazines, and more than 1,800 conferences around the world allow authors to publish in the best forum for their work.

In addition to traditional publishing models, and because of our commitment to providing the global community with convenient and affordable access to scientific and technical research, IEEE now offers three types of open access journals.

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Editorial development

IEEE publishing connects brilliant minds like yours with other leading voices in technology specialties.

Tools are available to help manage your workflow and make it easier to collaborate, reference, publish and deliver your writing to readers and researchers.

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Peer review

The peer-review process is designed to ensure the high quality of every article submitted to and published by IEEE and is required before acceptance for publication or presentation.

The author benefits from peer-review feedback, while the reader or conference attendee is assured strong and credible research.

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Referencing and searching

As a member of CrossRef, IEEE Xplore articles include outbound reference links to other publisher content registered in the CrossRef system.

IEEE Xplore is indexed by Google™, allowing Google search results to include links to IEEE Xplore.

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