5 Easy Steps to Submit an Article

5 Easy Steps to Submit an Article 1200 628 IEEE Open

Authors who publish with IEEE via their institution’s open access agreement benefit from an easy and convenient process to publish OA with IEEE, as it simplifies the publishing process by paying for open access article processing charges (APCs) for authors who do not have access to research funds. To get started, here are 5 easy steps to start the publishing process:

  1. Once you find a publication you would like to submit a paper to, click “Start New Submission” to start the submission process and follow the manuscript system prompts.
  2. In the Author and Affiliations submission step, begin to enter the name of your institution in the “edit account information” screen and select from the results that are displayed along with the corresponding Ringgold ID.
  3. If your article is accepted and you publish your article as open access, you will receive an email notification regarding APC payment processes and next steps.
  4. Your institution’s open access administrator will receive and review a funding request for your article.
  5. In order to ensure accurate processing, please be sure to use your institution’s name from the dropdown menu as well as your own institutional email address during submission.
A few quick tips to help you get published under your institution’s OA Agreement:

When submitting to a gold fully open access journal, simply accept the open access terms and charges during submission. For hybrid journals, select the option to publish open access after your paper has been accepted and choose a CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND license.

Please note that although the system states “If you select yes, you commit to pay the APC (Article Processing Charge)” you will not be charged the APC if an open access agreement exists with your institution. The system will recognize the corresponding author’s affiliation and email domain and automatically send a request to the open access administrator at your institution. You will receive an email once a funding decision has been made by your institution. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your open access administrator at your institution.

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