Author Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Generated Text

Author Guidelines for Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Generated Text 1200 628 IEEE Open

The use of content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) in an article (including but not limited to text, figures, images, and code) shall be disclosed in the acknowledgments section of any article submitted to an IEEE publication. The AI system used shall be identified, and specific sections of the article that use AI-generated content shall be identified and accompanied by a brief explanation regarding the level at which the AI system was used to generate the content.

The use of AI systems for editing and grammar enhancement is common practice and, as such, is generally outside the intent of the above policy. In this case, disclosure as noted above is recommended.

In a recent webinar, keynote speaker Sergio Benedetto of Politecnico di Torino, Italy, who currently serves as Emeritus Professor and current IEEE Vice President of Publication Services and Products, provides guidance on citing any AI that may have been used in the development of a research article.

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