IEEE Instructions for UK Authors

IEEE Instructions for UK Authors 150 150 IEEE Open

All authors affiliated with institutions subscribing under this agreement can apply a CC BY license to the accepted manuscript (AM) for their articles under a Green Open Access option.

IEEE has provided an approved 2024 subscription licensing offer for 109 universities in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and 13 universities in Scotland. This new offer, negotiated by Jisc on behalf of the UK Higher Education sector, takes steps to help support institutional rights retention policies and allows universities unlimited read access to the IEEE Electronic Library (IEL), the IEEE’s most comprehensive collection of more than 6 million high quality periodicals, conference proceedings, and standards available via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

All authors affiliated with institutions subscribing under this agreement can apply a CC BY license to the accepted manuscript (AM) for their articles under a Green Open Access option. The offer enables all authors to continue to publish in any IEEE journal, magazine, or conference proceeding of their choice. By following either of the options listed below, authors affiliated with any institution covered under this agreement will be fully compliant while continuing to publish in the IEEE publication of their choice:

Option 1: Publishing via a Gold Open Access journal
Many researchers in the UK who publish in IEEE journals are already able to publish open access under an Open Access agreement between their institution and IEEE. Authors can comply with their institution’s or funder’s Open Access policies by publishing gold open access in any of IEEE’s fully open access journals and the final published journal article will be made immediately available to post in their institution’s repository under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license. Authors can review a list of institutional agreements posted at or can check with their institution’s library to see if the article processing charges (APCs) required to publish Open Access will be covered by their institution’s particular agreement with IEEE. Even if your institution does not currently have an open access agreement with IEEE, you may still be able to apply research funds to publish open access in one of these journals. EWNI & SHEDL institutions also have the ability to purchase APCs in IEEE periodicals under a special program with volume discounts as high as 40%.

Option 2: Publishing via a subscription based journal or conference
Authors affiliated with institutions subscribing under this agreement and authors funded by UKRI, NIHR, Wellcome Trust, or other funders are all able to publish articles and apply a CC BY license to the accepted manuscript (AM) for their articles under a Green Open Access option, in compliance with the UKRI “Route 2” option. Under this option:

  • Authors may deposit the Accepted Manuscript (AM) in an institutional or subject repository.
  • No embargo required for the author’s right to post AM where the funder or institution requires immediate posting.
  • The authors will receive permission to apply a CC BY license to the deposited version, as long as the funder is properly identified in the submission process and a funding acknowledgement statement is included within the article.
  • To make the CC BY license available as quickly as possible under the Route 2 option, IEEE has developed a process that engages authors during their online publication agreement where they may identify themselves as an author with UKRI funding.
    • Please Note: Eligible authors should be sure to select UKRI or “Wellcome Trust” as the funder during the online publication agreement process to receive instructions on applying the CC BY license.

  • Upon completion of the copyright agreement, authors who identify as UKRI funded will automatically obtain a permission to apply the CC BY license to their accepted manuscript. To further meet the Route 2 requirements and ensure compliance, the submissions should include the following text in the funding acknowledgement section of the manuscript and any cover note accompanying the submission:
    • “For the purpose of open access, the author(s) has applied a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to any Accepted Manuscript version arising.”
  • Valid for all articles from authors in IEEE journals, magazines, and conference papers.
  • In addition, any authors who are not UKRI funded but are affiliated with these subscribing institutions may reach out directly to in order to request the use of a CC BY license for the accepted version of the manuscript.
  • For reference, IEEE’s long-standing funder compliant and author friendly policies can be found at

IEEE is delighted to be able to offer many different publishing options for our authors that are fully compliant with funder and institutional mandates. We look forward to continuing to provide a wide range of options for authors and publishing many of the world’s leading research breakthroughs and innovations from authors in the UK.

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