IEEE Announces 4 New Fully Open Access Journals and 2 Hybrid Journals Coming in 2024

IEEE Announces 4 New Fully Open Access Journals and 2 Hybrid Journals Coming in 2024 1200 628 IEEE Open

Each year, IEEE introduces new publications to address growing areas of research that transform our lives. These new publications provide important new opportunities to enable researchers around the world to share their latest research in these fields with the scholarly community and for IEEE Xplore users to learn more about these technologies. In 2024, IEEE will introduce new publications covering technologies such as cybernetics, immersive displays, privacy, sensors, electron devices, and more. Coverage of all of these technologies can be found in current and forthcoming publications from IEEE. Listed below are several new titles coming from IEEE in 2024:

4 New Fully Open Access Journals Coming in 2024

IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Letters

IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Letter (SMC-L) will cover the ultimate aims and key strategies of the SMC society towards the next generation of symbiotic human and machine intelligence systems. The feature of SMC-L is highlighted by its rapid publication of peer-reviewed short articles within 5 pages, which provide a timely and concise account of innovative research ideas, novel application results, and significant theoretical findings, as well as analyses of emerging trends and groundbreakingly work in SMC fields. SMC-L will provide a new means for members and readers to complement established SMC transactions.

IEEE Open Journal on Immersive Displays

The IEEE Open Journal on Immersive Displays (OJID) will be home to publications in display science and applications. The field of displays is diverse, ranging from the science and engineering of materials and devices to their application in high definition, form-factor-independent displays featuring interactivity, virtual and augmented reality, and 3D content. Submissions on advanced fabrication processing, thin film active and passive devices, and lifetime and reliability evaluation are welcome when display is the focus or where there is a direct relationship to the nature of the display system. Tutorial and review papers extending the frontiers of immersive display technologies and novel applications are also published.

IEEE Transactions on Privacy

The IEEE Transactions on Privacy provides a multidisciplinary forum for theoretical, methodological, engineering, and applications aspects of privacy and data protection, including specification, design, implementation, testing, and validation. Privacy, in this context, is defined as the freedom from unauthorized intrusion in its broadest sense, arising from any activity in information collection, information processing, information dissemination or invasion. The transactions publishes articles reporting significant advances in theoretical models and formalization as well as engineering tools supporting the above activities, design frameworks and languages, architectures, infrastructures, model-based approaches, study cases, and standards.

IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Sensors

The IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Sensors publishes papers in all areas of the field of interest of the IEEE Sensors Council, i.e., the theory, design, simulation, fabrication, manufacturing and application of devices for sensing and transducing physical, chemical, and biological phenomena, with emphasis on the electronics, physics and reliability aspects of sensors and integrated sensor-actuators. The Journal is built exclusively from papers on selected topics of current interest to the Sensors community.

2 New Hybrid Journals Coming in 2024

IEEE Reliability Magazine

The scope of IEEE Reliability Magazine includes both hardware and software reliability. Articles are oriented toward practical aspects of reliability and the application of reliability engineering. Content includes a combination of opinion-based, discussion-based articles, and peer-reviewed articles . The articles may focus on reliability in a number of current and emerging fields. The Magazine offers educational materials such as technical review papers, book reviews, professional development activities, industrial and university profiles, conference news, and a calendar of important events

IEEE Transactions on Materials for Electron Devices

The IEEE Transactions on Materials for Electron Devices (T-MED) publishes contributed and invited articles of different formats in the broad field of materials for electron devices and their interconnects. The focus of T-MED is on the applied aspects of electronic materials, as well as fundamentals directly relevant to individual and integrated device engineering and fabrication.

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Follow the links above for more information on the scope and calls for papers announcements for each title. You can follow the links on the journal homepage in IEEE Xplore to submit an article, set a journal alert or add to your favorites. Please click here to download the full title list of IEEE fully OA and hybrid titles.